BMP61: one year anniversary – new & improved!

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Printer improvements

Since its launch one year ago, the BMP61 Label Printer received several updates and improvements:

  • Now fully compatible with Brady Workstation apps for label design
  • More international symbols available
  • More label file import options
  • More label formatting options for imported lists
  • More list merging possibilities
  • Easier label saving
  • Clear error message when trying to upload incompatible images
  • General printer performance improvements

Existing customers can access all these additional features by updating their BMP61 firmware!


New labels for BMP61

5 new labels have been added since launch to the BMP61 Label Printer’s already impressive label line up.


Wire identification

  • B-7593 engraved plate replacement labels: designed to replace engraved plates
  • B-7598 tags: available in 7 colours, designed to keep outdoor cables identified up to 10 years
  • B-7643 halogen free tags: halogen free tag designed for easy printing on-site and in the field


Laboratory identification

  • B-461 vial & tube labels: designed to identify vials, tubes, straws and slides and to resist liquid nitrogen
  • B-490 FreezerBondz labels: ultra-thin cryo sample identification label designed to resist liquid nitrogen. Can be applied on already frozen surfaces.

All new BMP61 units will ship with the new & improved firmware.]]>