Brexit Policy

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We have been working diligently behind the scenes with our supply chain to ensure a smooth transition during Brexit, whether or not there is a trade deal agreed in time.

Good communication will also be key in minimising any disruption and we are asking our customers to consider their requirements of “mission critical” labels and to place orders as far as possible in advance.

We have reviewed the official Brexit Transition Guidance and taken all necessary actions to ensure that we are “Brexit Ready” with regards to the applicable incoming raw materials and finished products and also to ensure timely delivery to our valued customers in the European Union.

Custom Labels

We manufacturer our Custom Labels here in the UK and most of the raw materials are ordered through UK offices with UK stockholding. However, these raw materials are often manufactured in the European Union and therefore it is possible that incoming raw materials may be delayed for a short while in the event of “no deal”.

Our suppliers are mitigating this risk by building up buffer stocks of the most common raw materials and we are doing the same at our manufacturing facility in the West Midlands.

Brady Products

As a Brady Premier Distributor we have an excellent relationship with Brady whose products ship from both the UK and European Union. We are putting in additional stocks of the most popular Brady product lines

We are also reassured that Brady themselves are doing everything possible to minimise disruption. This includes: becoming an AEO (Authorised Economic Operator) to ensure fewer delays at borders; arranging with couriers to ship to the UK from EU warehouses with consolidated customs clearance so that they can be delivered without additional Customs clearance; and re-confirming all tariff codes in advance to minimise or zero-rate these goods in the event that tariffs are imposed.

Other Printers & Consumables

We offer a full range of printers, labels, ribbons, signage and other consumables as part of our comprehensive identification solutions. Rest assured that we are making appropriate changes to our own stock profiles for the most popular items and have reviewed the Brexit preparedness policies of these vendors to our satisfaction.