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We are a leading manufacturer of labels for industry, supplying labels and labelling solutions to a wide range of industry sectors in the UK. As key distributors for 3M, Flexcon, Armor and Brady we have the world’s most trusted brands in our portfolio.

We work with an extensive customer base, from large multi-national organisations to small OEM manufacturers, throughout the UK and Europe and we are sure to have the right labels for your needs.

We specialise in developing bespoke labels to meet your exact custom label requirements. We thrive on peculiar demands on shape, size and colour combinations. We can also advise you on the more technical sides of custom labelling such as the durability and life-span in the environment that you need them for.

Here are a few reasons you may require a custom label solution;

  • You are launching a new product
  • You would like to customise product packaging
  • You have limited surface area and need to utilise an oddly shaped space on your product
  • You would like to create a wow factor to stand out in a competitive marketplace

Our Strengths

We offer an unrivalled selection of labels and labelling solutions supported by sound advice. We provide a flexible service, tailored to meet each of our customers’ specific application requirements – from reliable, high-quality product supply through to expert advice as and when required.

To ensure that orders arrive on time the company operates a fast, responsive delivery service to ensure we are able to meet the tightest lead times, helping our customers meet their own production deadlines whilst our consistent product quality maximises both output and profitability.

All our sales team are experienced, trained product specialists, able to offer advice and recommendations to find the best solution for each application, based on their technical application expertise.

We get our name from the technology of fastening, joining and securing from the Ancient Greek “zygon” – a yoke used for joining oxen.

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