Holographic Labels

Zygology Systems Ltd is capable to perform the full hologram production process from design and origination to a complete product.  As the entire production process is performed in our facility, we can offer quick and flexible service. The strictest security interests of our customers are observed.  Our technologies are based on the latest developments of leading hologram producing companies.

We can offer a competitive price for low (500, 1000, 100 000 – unlike the majority of hologram producers), medium (100 000 – 500 000) and high (500 000 – 10 000 000) product runs.  Zygology Systems Ltd works with various types of enterprises and projects, government structures, and advertising agencies both in the U.K. and other countries.


    Holograms are well established and commonly used on a wide range of documents – from passports and banknotes to tickets and passes.
    Special tamper evident holograms are used to control access to restricted areas and devices.
    Holographic security elements are applied on the packaging or label to mark the genuine product.

Holographic Design
Based on customer needs and technical capabilities we can create the hologram model. Holograms are produced only after the layout of origination is approved by the client.

Matrix Origination
We can offer three methods of producing Holograms:

Currently optical lithography hologram writing is the most powerful optical recording technology for the production of protective holograms.  There are two working modes in optical lithography machines. The first one is the holographic mode, it implements multi-beams interference and can provide results similar to E-Beam matrix. Optical lithography allows to obtain the same range of effects as E-Beam matrix technology allows (with high security level). The second mode is a lithographic mode. It is mainly used for recording of Fresnel lenses or free form metallic emboss effects and a lot of other achromatic visual effects with high security level.  E-beam technology makes it possible to create originals of computer-synthesized holograms with high level of protection. The holograms include elements that cannot be manufactured using other optical technologies.

Security Features Include:
Texts can be applied onto holographic production to increase the security level. Such small texts cannot be seen without using special appliances, which makes them hard to imitate.
Patterns are made with sophisticated line interlacing. Such models can be used as a main element or integrated into any particular part of a hologram.
These images cannot be distinguished with any type of ordinary optical equipment. They can only be identified with the help of special appliance using lasers.
This feature permits use of a simple laser device to control the authenticity of the hologram. CLR fragments produce animated images on the screen as the control device moves along the hologram surface.
Effect of superimposing different images seen at different angles in the same place of hologram.

There are two different approaches when producing holograms:

Holographic labels are supplied on rolls of silicone paper for automatic or manual application onto almost any substrate. Sequential numbering of labels is available. Colors: silver, gold, transparent.
We can offer two types of holographic self-adhesive labels:
1. Labels for general use on polyester and ultra destructible PVC bases.
2. Holographic self adhesive tamper evident labels on the selective release polyester.
Tamper evident hologram labels – once applied they cannot be transferred to another surface, any attempt to remove them results in destruction of the image.

Hot stamping foil with the holographic image is fused on to a paper or plastic surfaces, by means of heat and pressure. Once applied on to the host surface it becomes part of it and the image. The foil cannot be removed from the substrate intact.
We offer two types of holographic hot stamping foil:
1. Image hot stamping foil with a registration mark for precise positioning of a hologram.
2. Wallpaper hot stamping foil