labelling solutions for the laboratory industry

Legible identification chemically resistant labels are key to ensuring safety

Ensure the integrity of your samples by using our custom labelling solutions that ensure the longevity of your labels for life.

Here at Zygology we understand that it is imperative for labels to remain compliant with current legislation and regulation requirements. As such our solutions ensure you remain compliant with “Good Lab Practice” and “The Human Tissue Directive”, supporting you to maintain productivity and to deliver beyond expectations.

With ToughWash signs, labels and tags you no longer have to choose. You can confidently create a visual workplace for employees while maintaining a strong food safety program.

Our Labelling Solutions

Match existing vial, slide and well placed sizes

Quickly and efficiently scan and validate vial matches against your system database.

Remain legible throughout processing and storage

Our labels remain clear and readable throughout long periods of storage for fast retrieval and processing.

Ensure frozen storage

Our labels are tested against extreme temperature conditions and remain applied, legible and functional.

Allow barcoding for extensive information storage

Our barcodes can store a considerable amount of data, for fast future processing

Integrate seamlessly with your Lab Information Management System (LIMS)

Our intelligent barcode solutions allow our customers to streamline processing in their labs and allow for seamless integration with their existing LIMS system.

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Brady BMP21 LAB Portable Printer

BMP21-LAB Printer

A portable all-in-one labeller for research, academic and clinical labs. The BMP21-LAB printer can quickly and easily create legible labels for flat, curved or highly textured surfaces that stay stuck for years even when exposed to extreme temperatures and chemicals.

Brady BBP12 Label Printer

BBP12 Label Printer

Compact and reliable, this affordable entry level thermal transfer benchtop printer is ideal for customers requiring low volume printing on lots of different materials. It offers a high print speed and can handle a wide range of highly durable and specialised Brady identification labels.

Brady Printer i7100

Brady Printer i7100

The i7100 Industrial Thermal Transfer Benchtop Printer is ideal for customers requiring reliable high volume printing on lots of different materials. It guarantees accurate printing on sleeves, tags, labels, tapes, cable markers and much more.


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