Identification and Traceability Solutions for Automotive Manufacturing

Zygology Systems has the extensive expertise to create a bespoke labelling solution to meet your needs. We work with industry-leading partners to deliver a suitable material for even the most challenging applications. Whether you’re looking for an in-house solution or custom pre-printed labels we can help.

Tracing and identifying the millions of components manufactured, transported and assembled into new automobiles daily around the world is a major challenge. Our solutions include labels that are resistant to heat, brake fluid, oil and aggressive solvents and which will remain legible in harsh conditions, ensuring your stringent traceability requirements are met.

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BradyPrinter i7100 Label Printer

The BradyPrinter i7100 Label Printer series is a rugged industrial printer available in 300 and 600 DPI that is an ideal printing solution for professional Product Identification and Traceability applications in the industrial market.

Wraptor Wire ID Printer Applicator

The Wraptor A6500 Wire Identification Printer Applicator can significantly increase production output by identifying cables with wrap-around labels in 5 seconds.

BSP45 Automated Sleeve Applicator

The BSP45 Automated Sleeve Applicator is a durable, reliable and easy-to-use solution that increases cable sleeve application speed by 6-10 seconds compared to a manual application, reducing application cost. Perfect for high-volume, long-term use.

BBP37 Multicolour & Cut Signage/Label Printer

Brady’s BBP37 Label Printer offers outstanding colour and cutting capabilities to quickly create a safer, more productive facility. The printer’s simple, automatic label setup and intuitive touchscreen enable you to make signs on demand and on-site in any colour and shape!

A Recent Case Study

The Mini branch of BMW Group needed Iron-on labels for fabric interiors in their cars. The solution we created for them consisted of our ZSL1300-PRO printer, BarTender professional software and the custom-made consumables needed so they had the flexibility to print variable information on demand.

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