Clear & Lasting Identification for Speed & Flexibility

Clear, methodical and durable identification of wires and components is vital in Electrical Industries. Speed and flexibility are important to be profitable in this fast and demanding professional environment. In such a competitive market, pressure on time and money can be fierce. Always on the move and negotiating traffic, installers are pressured for time.

This is why we offer professionals in the electrical industry a complete range of highly mobile labelling solutions. We recommend Brady labels that are designed to stick and to remain stuck for years, all the while retaining their readability. All Brady labels are backed up by easy-to-use portable label printers that can be operated using one hand only, for maximum flexibility in the field.

Brady also offers a range of benchtop printers, adapted to printing larger volumes of labels. Engaged in offering complete solutions for the entire electrical industry, Brady has the largest identification product range on offer worldwide. According to industry research, Brady systems can reduce the cost of downtime by 80%, speed up fault finding by 75% and make installation 20% faster.

Related Products…

BP-THT-IP300 / BP-THT-IP600 Thermal Transfer Printer

Brady’s IP Thermal Transfer Printer is a new, smart solution for high-performance printing. The Brady IP Printer is a fully integrated, easy-to-use printer, material, and software system. Smart Cell technology allows the printer, materials, and ribbon to communicate with each other. The system offers material recognition, automatic formatting, and user-friendly printer features for labels, sleeves, and tags. Brady IP Printer detects loaded material and ribbon and displays the user information on the LCD. The material information is sent to the software, where template and settings are automatically populated. Create data on a template, then click and print. Load, click, and print. It’s just that simple.

BMP71 Mobile Label Printer

The BMP71, one smart printer to print it all. This ultimate Brady Mobile Printer helps you deal with every situation, speeds up your labelling and keeps you going on and on. It prints any die-cut or continuous label – also custom labels – up to 50.8mm in more than 30 different materials. With its full QWERTY keyboard, it allows swift typing with both hands and the enlarged full-colour screen shows you the whole label at once. Works with a rechargeable battery or AC power.

BMP21-PLUS Portable Label Printer

The BMP™21-PLUS Portable Label Printer is an all-in-one labeller for voice/datacom, electrical and general industrial teams. With label materials designed specifically for harsh environments, the BMP™21-Plus printer can quickly and easily create clear labels that stay stuck for years – despite extreme temperatures and curved or highly textured surfaces.

i7100 Industrial Thermal Transfer Printer

The BradyPrinter i7100 industrial thermal transfer benchtop printer is ideal for customers requiring reliable high volume printing on lots of different materials within the Aerospace, Defence and Mass Transit, Electronics, Automotive, Logistics, Electrical, Voice-Datacom and LAB markets. It guarantees accurate printing on sleeves, tags, labels, tapes, cable markers and much more.

A Recent Case Study

An industry leading client in the electrical sector required a polyimide PCB label. The static dissipative nature of these labels is ideal for their assembly process. They currently have three Brady BP-PR600 printing on THT-1-729-10 around the clock

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