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Simplify Your Laboratory Identification

Identification solutions ensure sample integrity by offering identification labels that remain intact for life. Heated, or frozen, our specifically developed labels for laboratories will always be present and legible. We have partnered with Brady, a world leader in laboratory identification solutions because we understand that it is imperative to be legislation and regulation compliant. Our solutions enable you to comply with Good Lab Practice and the Human Tissue Directive, supporting you to maintain productivity and to deliver beyond expectations.

With ToughWash signs, labels and tags, you no longer have to choose. You can confidently create a visual workplace for employees while maintaining a strong food safety program.

Brady Sample Identification Solutions:

  • match existing vial, slide, and well plate sizes
  • remain legible throughout processing and storage
  • endure freezer storage, liquid nitrogen, autoclave, hot water baths and solvents including Xylene, DMSO and Ethanol
  • allow barcoding for extensive information storage on even the tiniest sample
  • integrate seamlessly with your Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS)

Did you ever have to postpone research because of unidentified samples, or because nobody was able to read anymore what was once written on the sample you need? Printed laboratory labels, engineered specifically to identify samples, help avoid sample loss and a lot of frustration.

Related Products…

BMP21-LAB-KIT Portable Label Printer

The BMP21-LAB Portable Label Printer is an all-in-one labeller for research, academic and clinical labs. With label materials designed specifically for harsh environments, the BMP21-LAB printer can quickly and easily create legible labels for flat, curved or highly textured surfaces that stay stuck for years even when exposed to extreme temperatures and chemicals.

BBP12 Label Printer

The Brady BBP12 label printer is a compact, reliable, affordable entry level thermal transfer benchtop printer. Ideal for customers requiring low volume printing on lots of different materials within the electrical, voice and datacom, LAB and specialized electronics markets. It allows you to print labels, tapes cable markers, sleeves and much more.

BP-THT-IP300 / BP-THT-IP600 Thermal Transfer Printer

Brady’s IP Thermal Transfer Printer is a new, smart solution for high-performance printing. The Brady IP Printer is a fully integrated, easy-to-use printer, material, and software system. Smart Cell technology allows the printer, materials, and ribbon to communicate with each other. The system offers material recognition, automatic formatting, and user-friendly printer features for labels, sleeves, and tags. Brady IP Printer detects loaded material and ribbon and displays the user information on the LCD. The material information is sent to the software, where template and settings are automatically populated. Create data on template, then click and print. Load, click, and print. It’s just that simple.

i7100 Industrial Label Printer

The BradyPrinter i7100 Industrial Label Printer offers durable and highly accurate label printing for business critical high volume identification challenges in Aerospace, Defence, Mass Transit, Electronics, Automotive and Logistics industries. Quickly print a wide range of high quality identification materials for a variety of applications including cable, printed circuit board and asset & component identification.

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A Recent Case Study

A pharmaceutical laboratory have various refrigeration, freezing and boiling processes for which our Freezerbondz Cryogenic labels are guaranteed to withstand the harshest conditions including liquid nitrogen, freezers & boiling water. This ensures that identification of samples is maintained at all times.

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