Label Printer Rental & Leasing

Zygology Systems offers flexible short-term rentals and long-term leases on all our Brady and TSC label printers.  The great advantage of this is turning a significant cash investment in to a predictable monthly operating expense.

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Taking out a rental or leasing contract gives you the labelling system that you need while only paying the agreed monthly fee, a fraction of a brand new purchase.  This can enable your business to:

  • “Try before you buy” and see the benefits of market leading labelling solutions prior to making a larger investment.
  • Meet a short term high quality labelling need without having to invest fully in the equipment.
  • Preserve your cash flow for other priorities.

Just some good reasons to consider renting or leasing your own labelling solution:

  • You are launching a new product
  • You would like to customise product packaging
  • You have limited surface area and need to utilise an oddly shaped space on your product
  • You would like to create a wow factor to stand out in a competitive marketplace

Our Strengths

We offer an unrivalled selection of labels and labelling solutions supported by sound advice. We provide a flexible service, tailored to meet each of our customers’ specific application requirements – from reliable, high-quality product supply through to expert advice as and when required.

Our team are experienced, trained product specialists, able to offer advice and recommendations to find the best solution for each application, based on their technical application expertise.


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