Installation and Training

Installation & Training

At Zygology Systems we not only provide the printer and its consumables but we also provide good quality installation and training at a competitive, affordable price.

At Zygology we understand customer’s needs and know that different customers work on different budgets. That is why we have created a multi-level installation service so you as a customer are able to choose the service that is suited to you.

The way it works is there are 3 levels of service. Ranging from initial set up all the way to full training and printing your first batch of labels. Below is the range of services we offer. Each service is carried out by a fully trained representative of Zygology Systems who will answer any questions you may have.

Bronze Service:

The Bronze Service is the cost effective start up package. One of our trained representatives will visit you at a time that suits you. They will initially begin by showing you how to fully set up the printer and explain everything you need to know regarding initial start up. They will give you a brief demonstration on how to load and unload any consumables purchased with Zygology Systems.

Silver Service:

The Silver Service is a mid-range start up package. As with any of our services a trained representative will visit you at a time that suits you. Initial set up and first start up of the printer will be carried out and demonstrated, full load and unload of consumables will be carried out and demonstrated. Any software purchased will be set up and linked to the applicable printer; any drivers that need installing will be installed. The representative will make sure you are ready to begin using your printer and software.

Gold Service:

This is the top of the range start up package. A Zygology representative will visit at a time that suits you and set the printer up for you. Initial plug in and power up to make sure everything is as it should be. Then the representative will provide you and up to 5 colleagues with training in the load/unload of the consumables, software setup and design, flexibility within the use of the printer and how to print your final product. They will help you solve any issues you might have. This service ensures that you are absolutely ready to use your printer.


As with any Installation and Training service it all comes at a price. If you would like to talk about our services in more depth then you are more than welcome to either fill out the contact form on the side of this page or give one of our friendly consultants a call on 0800 999 5700 and they will be happy to go through any queries you may have.