Ensure visibility for your labels when exposed to aggressive solvents

In the Mass Transit industry any identifying label, marker or tag has to withstand aggressive solvents such as diesel without suffering losses in visibility or readability. Wide ranges of operating temperatures add to the demand for highly resistant identification products on wires and components in the Mass Transit Industry.

Here at Zygology we offer tailored high-performance solutions, fully answering the requirements in Mass Transit. During development, Zygology partners with Brady whose products are thoroughly tested, until they meet all requirements and specifications of the most advanced mass transit vehicle manufacturers.

Brady takes special pride in making sure identifying labels and safety signs will always play their maximum role in safety precautions, resisting solvents and withstanding wide ranges of temperatures.

Our team is dedicated to the needs of the Mass Transit Industry and constantly monitors the latest developments, committed as we are to deliver complete solutions. These include easy to use portable label printers and high volume bench top printers, backed up by the user-friendly Brady Software Suite, to produce incomparable and durable results, defying threatening solvents and temperatures.

Available Solutions

Extreme temperature labels

Extreme Temperature labels can withstand extremely high temperatures (up to 350°C) and are used to identify printed circuit board & electronic components. They are mainly used for traceability and they offer good barcode printability. To resist extreme heat, Extreme Temperature labels are made out of Polyimide, as opposed to Polyester for normal circumstances.

We provide a wide range of polyimides available in different colours, all with ESD characteristics, suited for automatic application and usable in a variety of print technologies.

Measured, weighed and cleared for heavy duty

Zygology Systems labels are born from one of the most comprehensive R&D programs in the world. They are launched only after extensive laboratory testing and field-testing with solvents, fuels and chemicals. As a customer you can select the durable material you need and print it using the dedicated ribbon to guarantee resistant labels against all types of solvents.

  • Metalised Polyester Labels
  • White Polyester Labels
  • EPREP – Engraved Plate Replacement Labels
  • Permashield Labels
  • Label printers and Software
Wire and cabling solutions

We offer a full range of wire & cable labelling solutions. Zygology Systems self-laminating labels are the most popular wire identification solution in ICT & Telecom, especially used with copper cables, the typical CAT6 or CAT7 solutions.

We provide specific labels that, when removed, don’t damage a fibre-optic cable. What’s more, our fibre-optic cable labels only slightly touch the fibre-optic and never interfere with its data transfer capacity.

Self-laminating labels protect their printing with a water and UV resistant overlaminate, making them suitable for use both outdoors and underground. Our sleeves can be repositioned when applied. Once heated, they are also insulating.

The Brady Tag range offers many options including overlaminates and the ability to withstand harsh environments for many years. For panel builders, Durasleeves are the preferred solution, allowing identification of cables before or after they are attached.

  • Wrap around Labels
  • Wire and Cable Sleeves
  • Wire and Cable Tags
  • Durasleeve Inserts and Carriers
  • Label Printers and Software
Standards, requirements and specifications

Zygology Systems is committed to deliver identification solutions up to and beyond all industry standards. We are always pushing forward to adhere to the latest and most advanced industry standards. For a complete list of standards, or for specific requirements, please contact us. We are always ready to add your requirements to our extensive laboratory test plan.

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Brady Printer i3300

Brady Printer i3300

The i3300 Industrial Label Printer is a completely hassle free, easy to use printer with smart chip supplies automatically set up the label in your Brady software, eliminating manual calibration and label waste. Drop-in ribbon and label cartridges ensure fast and effortless material changes. Print on a full range of safety and facility label materials as well as die cut labels for wire identification and product identification.

Brady Printer i7100

Brady Printer i7100

The i7100 Industrial Thermal Transfer Benchtop Printer is ideal for customers requiring reliable high volume printing on lots of different materials. It guarantees accurate printing on sleeves, tags, labels, tapes, cable markers and much more.

Brady Wraptor Label Printer A6500

Wraptor A6500

Automate your wire identification process with the Wraptor A6500 Wire Identification Printer Applicator. Significantly increase production output by identifying cables with wrap-around labels in 5 seconds. The Wraptor automatically prints and applies the label on a wide range of insertable cables, saving up to 10 seconds per identified cable.


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