A Clear, simple and cost effective labelling solution

Tough Stripe Floor Marking products are made with Brady’s B-514 Polyester. ToughStripe products are ideal for marking aisles, passageways and storage locations, and pointing out important safety equipment and egress paths.

  • 0.2 mm thickness
  • Service temperature range of -18°C to 54°C
  • Application conditions: min. 5°C, dry floor
  • Recommended for indoor use and dry environment
  • Resistant to harsh chemicals
  • Exceeds safety standards for clean, dry non-slip surfaces per OSHA 1910.22

ToughStripe™ Floor Marking products are ideal for Lean environments:  

  • Flexible – easy to replace
  • Ready made shapes
  • Removable in one piece
  • High gloss surface shines like new paint
  • Easy to clean
  • Suits to manufacturing, warehouse but also to administration premises

ToughStripe floor tape offers superior durability easy application and high visibility.

Plus, it’s test-proven to withstand forklift traffic better than other tape-based floor marking products!

A Solution For All Traffic Levels



Key Features



Aisle Marking Tape
B-726 Vinyl

More cost-effective solution for short application period

Temporary marking for 5S/LEAN areas, work cells that change and more


ToughStripe – Floor Marking Tape
B-514 Polyester

Longer application period with more shape and customizability options

Visual workplaces in 5S/LEAN, walkways, aisle and medium traffic level areas


ToughStripe Max – Floor Marking Tape
B-543 Vinyl

Highest durability

Higher forklift and industrial vehicle traffic


Paintstripe – Floor Marking Stencils
B-518/B-519 for different surface types

Paint stencil for longer, more permanent marking

Permanent work area designation



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