Durable, professional labels that remain legible and stay attached in harsh conditions are extremely important to keep power, network, voice and data cables and components organised and running effectively.

Wire marking is the most convenient way to identify wires in control cabinets. The underlying goal is to trace every cable at lightning speed during maintenance or repair. By providing each wire with a number or code, repair work can be traced and solved much faster.

Why use our wire marking solutions?

  • Installations are much clearer - every wire is easy to identify
  • Faults can be traced and resolved faster
  • Available in multiple colours and sizes to suit your specific needs

Speak to one of our friendly labelling experts today to find the right solution for your specific requirements.  Call 0800 999 5700 or email sales@zygology.co.uk


Heatshrink sleevesWiremarking image - heatshrink sleeves

Removable slide-on tagsWiremarking solution - removable slide-on tags

Flag labelsWiremarking solutions - flag labels



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