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All pipework must be appropriately labelled to inform employees, contractors and emergency services about the contents of the pipe.

British Standard

British Standard BS1710 sets out legal requirements for plant safety and pipe installation compliance. This is achieved by conveying specific information using a basic identification colours (e.g. green for water) and a safety colour (e.g. blue for water from the public supply) plus text and safety symbols.

European Standard

Our EU pipemarkers conform to RAL European standard colour coding. For dangerous substances the GHS/CLP danger and hazard symbols conform to European Regulations 1271/2008, 790/2009 and 286/2001. Where appropriate, the Signal word is printed underneath the main text.

International Standard

ISO 20560 pipe markers are globally recognized, using a combination of two colour zones. The basic identification colour zone includes the content name and additional safety information. The safety colour is used to visualize increased risk and can include GHS/CLP or ISO-7010 warning symbols.




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