Brady BMP21-PLUS Portable Label Printer

Title: Printer Blister Pack
Sale price£111.60


The BMP21-PLUS series printers have been replaced by the new M210, please click here to view the latest model.

The BMP21-PLUS Portable Label Printer is an all-in-one labeller for voice/datacom, electrical and general industrial teams. With label materials designed specifically for harsh environments, the BMP21-Plus printer can quickly and easily create clear labels that stay stuck for years - despite extreme temperatures and curved or highly textured surfaces.

BMP21-PLUS Tought & Smart Features & Benefits

Download BMP21-Plus PDF Datasheet

Option 1: Blister Pack contains Printer, Lanyard, M21-750-499 label cartridge (accepts 6x AA batteries, not supplied)

Option 2: Label Printer Kit contains Printer, Hard Case, Li-ion Battery, M21-750-499 cartridge, UK Power Cord

Option 3: Electrical Printer Kit contains Printer, Hard Case, Li-ion Battery, UK Power Cord, M21-750-499, M21-1000-427 and M21-750-595-YL cartridges

Option 4: TeleDatacom Printer Kit contains Printer, Hard Case, Li-ion Battery, UK Power Cord, M21-750-499, M21-1250-427 and M21-250-423 cartridges

Product Highlights

Colour Capability: Monocolour

Resolution (dpi): 203

Min. Label Width (mm): 6.40 mm

Max. Label Width (mm): 19.05 mm

Recommended Usage per Day: 75

Key Characteristics

Weight (kg) 0.75 kg

Dimensions 125.00 mm W x 235.00 mm L x 50.00 mm D

Application(s) Bin, shelf, location identification, Cable & wire identification, Datacom & audio, visual equipment labelling, Electrical identification, General & industrial identification, Lean, 5S & Visual Workplace, Panel identification, Rating & nameplate identification

Bar Code Type: 1D (Linear); 2D and 1D (Linear); QR, 2D and 1D (Linear)

Materials Supported Heat-shrink Polyolefin Sleeve; Nylon Cloth; Polyester; Polypropylene; Self-laminating Polyester; Self-laminating Vinyl; Vinyl


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