Brady THT-141-481-3 Thermal Transfer Printable Labels 108240

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Thermal Transfer Printable Labels. For the lab industry, Brady have formulated one of our most solvent-resistant materials to date! This new B-481 material, coupled with our newest R-6400 series ribbon is the recipe for a solution that will remain resistant when exposed to xylene and other chemicals that are commonly used in the slide staining process. No print removal, no label buckling and no discolouration that would cause barcodes to be unreadable, and the label stays adhered to the slide.. Super chemical-resistant polyester (B-481) is designed for use in the slide staining process and other laboratory ID which requires superior chemical resistance.. B-481 performs well in the commonly used H & E (hematoxilin and eosin) slide staining process. Excellent resistance to a wide variety of chemicals, oils and water. Service temperature of -80 to 130° C

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