Brady THT-152-492-3 FreezerBondz Thermal Transfer Printer Labels 805911

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FreezerBondz Thermal Transfer Printer Labels. FreezerBondz™ material is a low-profile label used on frozen surfaces or on room-temperature surfaces that will eventually be stored in Liquid nitrogen (-196°C). The improved B-492 version FreezerBondz features enhanced performance and related changes to the label size. Identify frosted, frozen or room temperature vials (with overlap). Superior solvent resistance when printed with R-6400 Series ribbon. Opaque enough to cover legally protected patient information for compliance with HIPAA requirements.


Article Number: 805911_THT-152-492-3
Data-sheet: Download here
Height: 9.53 mm
Thickness: 0.081 mm
Web Width: 58.42 mm
Width: 25.40 mm
Adhesive Type: ["Permanent Acrylic"]
Brady Material Number: B-492
  • Matt
  • FreezerBondz™ Polyester
Material Properties:
  • Cold-temperature application
  • Cryogenic storage
Material Type:
  • Polyester
Maximum Service Temperature: 110 °C
Minimum Service Temperature: -196 °C
  • Laboratory labelling
  • White
Continuous or Die-Cut: Die-cut
Print Technology:
  • Thermal Transfer
Printer Compatibility:
  • BBP11
  • BBP12
  • i5100
  • i7100
  • PR Plus
  • IP Series
  • THT 76 mm Core Printers
Quantity Per Roll: 3000
Shape: Rectangle
Special Properties:
  • Ultra thin
  • can label frosted/frozen (with overlap) or room temperature labels and lasts in liquid nitrogen, autoclaves and hot water baths

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