Brady TIL-1-82C/180F Irreversible Temperature Indicating Labels - 1 Level Maintenance 622080

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Irreversible Temperature Indicating Labels - 1 Level Maintenance. Irreversible TIL (Temperature Indicating Labels) series, provides a permanent record of the highest temperature reached on a piece of equipment. When the equipment reaches a certain temperature, the white area on the label turns irreversibly black, giving clear proof of the highest temperature attained. 1-Level Maintenance, 82°C/180°F


Article Number: 622080_TIL-1-82C/180F
Data-sheet: Download here
Height: 19.99 mm
Thickness: 0.399 mm
Temperature Thresholds: 82.2 °C
Width: 19.99 mm
Adhesive Type: ["Permanent Acrylic"]
Brady Material Number: B-7511
  • Gloss
Label Properties:
  • Permanent Adhesive
  • Temperature-indicating
  • Irreversible Temperature Indicating Polyester
Material Properties:
  • Temperature-indicating
Material Type:
  • Polyester
Maximum Service Temperature: 143 °C
Minimum Service Temperature: 37 °C
  • General identification
  • Temperature indicating labelling
  • White on Blue
Printer & Label Applications:
  • Inspection Repair
Shape: Square
Special Properties:
  • Indicates 82°C

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